Office Massage

Are you seeking an effective mean to sustainably increase employee  satisfaction in your firm?

Do you want to treat yourself and your employees/co-workers to a little     unconventional luxury?

Are you looking for a healthy way to reward your employees/co-workers?
We can help you with that! Our Office Massage package is designed to optimally balance your relaxation, comfort and refreshment. Our massage therapist can focus on one particular of those aspects if requested. A properly done massage brings many benefits, which are amongst others:  

  • immediate de-stress, tension release and sensibly increased wellbeing
  • Massages are being proven to bolster concentration and helps workers to stay focused throughout the day
  • Mobile service allows flexibility: eg if a worker can not attend a fixed treatment, he can easily swap with one of his colleagues, avoiding cancellation fees which would have occured otherwhise
  • Massages work wonders on grumpy colleagues or strict bosses – having regular massages will help with fostering your team spirit in no time!

In London it is quite a common thing to have and we are sure, it soon will be in Zurich as well. Give it a try!

To enquire about massages at workplace, please contact the team