Meet our Team

Katerina Gehrig - Dipl. Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, Founder of "Think Balance!"

SVBM, EMR Nr. 81 (Fussreflexzonenmassage)

Katerina started her education in London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT), where she had completed her general beauty therapy qualifications level 2 and 3 back in 2012, which took her 2 years and over a thousand guided learning hours. She then proceeded with studying various massage techniques from LCBT, London School of Complementary Health and Touch Pro® Institute in the UK.

Katerina completed her ITEC Diploma in Reflexology with Affable Therapy Massage, Spa & Beauty Training. She was a member of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) and CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) in the UK, and is currently a member of SVBM (Dipl. Masseurin B-Mitglied, Schweizerischer Verband der Berufs-Masseure) and EMR (Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register) in Switzerland. Services provided by her and by “Think Balance!” are fully insured by Vaudoise and AXA

“I personally have experienced the success, increased concentration and productivity massage treatments provide to employees when given during office hours when I was working as a mobile massage therapist in London and I want to give your employees the same experience.

I have also worked at various event and exhibition venues, including London Fashion Weekend, The National Wedding Show, Ideal Home Show, Royal Ascot, and Salon International to name a few, and I am confident that massage treatments have always been especially popular at such events."

Andrea Wünsche - Dipl. Therapeutic Massage Therapist

SVBM, EMR Nr. 33 (Therapeutische Massage)

Since her successful graduation as a qualified therapeutic masseuse, Andrea has been working as a self-employed therapeutic masseuse in a group practice in Zurich. She joined the " Think Balance!" Team in April 2022.

As her first education, she chose the profession of a cook, which she practiced with a great passion for many years. Her path then brought her to the event industry, where she found a home for another 13 years as a project manager. «As a project manager, an event always began much before the actual date. Creating a concept, planning, organizing, and coordinating many details. Being there from the beginning to the end was what appealed to me the most. But the best part always came at the end, when I saw that I could bring joy to people through my work.»

«I have always been fascinated by foreign cultures and distant countries. That's how I encountered massages for the first time on one of my trips. From then on, I went to massage again and again, until I wanted to know, how to massage myself. During my training as a therapeutic massage therapist, I learned so much about the body, that now it is impossible for me not to be fascinated by it. How everything is connected, how sensitive and at the same time robust our body is, and how wonderful it is, when we are healthy!»

«That I can help with my treatments to make a day more relaxed, to ease aches and pains, to lighten the load of worries, and to make life easier again... is very fulfilling. What I love about Think Balance! is that it combines event and massage. The short, targeted massage breaks not only increase performance and motivation, but they also bring relaxation and satisfaction, which in turn, contribute to a better sense of well-being.»

«The fact that both employees and employers gain great added value is what makes the "Think Balance!" concept so great. »

Karolina Pomichalkova -Dipl. Massage Therapist (specialized in Shiatsu)

Working with people, connecting with them, and supporting them to unlock their full potential to achieve their goals has always been Karolina’s passion. She believes massage to be a tool, a form of meditation through which one can reconnect with their inner self, creating space for finding new approaches, solutions, and answers to life situations.

“Massage provides the opportunity to free ourselves from the daily distractions and help us to focus on what really is important.”

Before receiving her degree as a Shiatsu Therapist and opening her private practice in April 2022, Karolina worked in Zurich for a corporate organization and prior to moving to Switzerland, worked as a Caseworker and Project manager in Caritas Prague, Czech Republic.

Throughout her professional and personal experience, she learned the importance of regular self-care and witnessed the positive effects it has on one's mental and physical health.

“Research shows that even 5 minutes a day of a conscious self-care practice such as breathing exercise, for example, has a profound effect on your health. I love that Think Balance! brings this opportunity for self-care right to the workspace, so everyone has the possibility to do something positive for their health.”

Karolina joined the “Think Balance!” team in September 2022 and is excited to share her experience and skills to support and improve the work-life balance of its clients.